About Us

About Us

Quattro Technology Ltd was founded in 1997 and has been providing expert Technology Consultants for some of the worlds largest projects.

Quattro Technology History

May 19

Quattro Technology is Formed

Company formed

We formed a small family oriented company to provide technology services to our clients.

May 26

Landrover, Solihull

ccMAil Infrastructure Upgrade for Landrover

Our first project brought us to Solihull in the West Midlands at the famous Landrover site in 1997.

As part of modernisation work, Landrover was upgrading it’s email service. This included the underlying Infrastructure. Our consultants worked with Landrover to implement an upgrade to Windows NT 3.51 across all the email servers.

This three month exercise required our advise on the current Microsoft approach to Windows NT implementation.

October 24

Interserve Plc

Data Centre Consolidation Project

Interserve was building a brand new feature building in the West Midlands, and consequently decided to close 4 smaller sites. Each of these small sites contained either a Data Centre or Server Room.

Quattro Technology Consultants worked to identify the infrastructure inside each of these sites, modelling the knowledge gained in Sparx Enterprise Architect. This model then enabled an effective impact/planning exercise to take place to successfully close these sites.

May 30

Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Chief Architect

Quattro Technology supplied a Chief Architect to support three successive major transformation programmes for Defra.

May 2017 – Digital Transformation Programme


Jan 2018 – Common Platforms Programme


Sep 2018 – EU Exit Programme